Stand Firm in the Faith


Throughout the Bible, this theme of standing firm takes root. God’s plans stand firm throughout all generations. As followers of Christ, we are admonished to stand firm in the faith.

I feel a call deep within my soul to continuously meditate on these Scriptures. The tug-of-war between my heartfelt desire to follow Christ and my flesh is real and sometimes unrelenting. Whatever comes, I want to stand firm on God’s promises. I want to stand firm in my faith against the devil’s schemes.

I’ve worked on a compilation of Scriptures to help myself #StandFirm. You can see them here. My hope is that it will encourage you and equip you to stand firm as well. Do you have any words of wisdom for how you #StandFirm in your faith? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.



  1. So many claims being made on our attention and loyalty — but the one unfailing place for our trust is the promises of God. Thanks for saying so much in just a few words.

    1. I love that, Mary. It is only by standing firm that we step forward with confidence. Thank you for stopping by An Anchored Faith!

  2. So true, my friend! When we have done all, Paul makes clear in Ephesians that we are to stand. It can sound simple, but be incredibly hard because it requires us to exercise every trust and faith muscle we have! Love the song! Sent it to my oldest granddaughter who faced a bitter disappointment today! Thanks!!