Killing Wonder Woman: Book Review & {Giveaway}


When I first saw the title of this book, I knew I had to read it. Growing up, who didn’t want to be Wonder Woman? Those incredible red boots and amazing outfit combined with her shield and crown transformed the beautiful Diana into quite the powerful superhero. Wielding her golden lasso, she left the bad guys incapable of fighting her.

As with most fictional characters, reality hits us hard when we realize that life doesn’t happen like on television. Unrealistic expectations must be reined in.

Picking up T.J. Tison’s book, I asked God to show me specifically what He wanted me to take away. Over the past year, I’ve been in a season of trying to do it all. Wearing myself thin at times, expectations have loomed over my head like ticking time bombs.

T.J. begins by sharing about the three types of Wonder Woman: the Mythical Wonder Woman, the Spiritual Wonder Woman, and the Actual Wonder Woman. First, as women we need to know who Wonder Woman is and how her lies are causing us to live stressed out lives. Why are we trying to do it all? Who is putting the pressure on? How did we come to believe that this was our normal?

As I read through the lies and labels that our enemy, Wonder Woman (and her crafty friend Satan), throw at us, God stopped me on page 39 with the “Perfection Lie”. Friends, this has been my go-to issue for many years. Maybe it’s because I’m a first-born. Maybe it’s because I want to please others. Regardless of the reasons, it’s been a crafty tool of my enemy to keep me in defeat.

I’m not sure which of Wonder Woman’s lies or labels are keeping you from living an abundant life in Christ Jesus. Reading this book will equip you to recognize where you’re being held back and how to arm yourself for battle against the enemy of your soul. More than anything, Jesus came to give us freedom. Seize it for yourself!

In addition to equipping yourself to fight lies and labels, T.J. Tison takes the time to share how you can live in freedom and lead others to freedom. As followers of Christ, we have a powerful story to share.

In the third part of her book, T.J. Tison also shares how we can win at work. Maybe you’re workplace is your home. Maybe it’s in an office or school. Wherever your “job” is, Tison talks through our work as (1) a ministry, (2) a mission field, and (3) a minefield. God used this section of the book to open my eyes to some struggles I’ve been facing and why. If you’re like me, you want your faith to soar wherever God has called you.

Friends, I want to encourage you to check out this book. You’ll be encouraged, equipped and empowered to live a life that is deeply rooted in Christ.

{Giveaway Time}

Tenaya T.J. Tison and TLC Book Tours have been gracious to offer a book and a t-shirt for this giveaway. Comment below with why you’d like to win.

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  1. It a world where we are striving after the wind to be our version of Wonder Woman (whether it envolves being on every committee at church we can or showering every morning before everyone wakes), we must recognize, I must recognize, where I’m being held back and realize the battle. My freedom and my rest are in Iesus. This is a pick up, put down battle for so many of us! I look forward to this book, the equipping, encouragement, and the empowerment that comes from “killing superwoman” and following Jesus more freely! Sounds like this is a book I’ll pass around to friends.

    1. Amen, Sandy!! I definitely know many of the women in our similar circles would benefit from the encouragement T.J. Tison provides in Killing Wonder Woman.

  2. This sounds like a great read, Stephanie! I think our culture and even our church culture in so many ways reinforces this perception in our heads about what we should be or should accomplish to be adequate!!! Thanks for the review!

    1. Pam, I agree with you. Both cultures reinforce this perception and fuel the enemy’s lies at times. Learning to say yes to only God’s best can be difficult to discern. Thank you for your encouragement, friend!

  3. This book sounds like just what I need! I always struggle with doing it all and when I realize I can’t I start reaching depression. Life has thrown me in so many places and situations I never dreamed I would deal with but I know Christ is there. Now to learn to really give my all to Christ and stop trying to do all the things that maybe He didn’t call me to do! Thanks for this review!

    1. Michelle, I too struggle with trying to do it all. And even more recently have learned yet again what I need to say yes to and what I need to say no to. I’m always learning.

  4. I’d like to read this because I see myself and my friends in the Wonder Woman category. We try to do it all, yet beat ourselves up when it’s impossible to meet our own expectations.

    1. Dianna, I know so many fellow sisters in Christ who also struggle. It’s a great book for all of us. Thank you for stopping by An Anchored Faith.