Hallelujahs Multiplied


Moments come into our lives when God just leaves us breathless with His amazing grace.

Experiencing His mercy and His divine plan should leave us in a state of worship. I’m guilty of being awestruck and moving on….maybe a little too quickly. Over the past few weeks, my plate has been full; full of God’s hallelujahs multiplied in my life.

I haven’t written in a while because I’ve really just wanted to sit back and soak it all in. I never get tired of being on the front row seat to seeing God show off. His providence in my life and in those I love continuously amaze me. I’d love to share a couple of examples with you.

A team from my local church is going to Brazil this fall. Knowing God had called me to go, I began to think of ways to raise money for the trip. I asked friends on Facebook to donate items toward a yard sale. Wow, the response was incredible! $1056 was raised!!

Another major change came in my life last month. I felt God nudging me a few months ago to return to teaching. I applied, interviewed, and then didn’t hear a word for several weeks. I thought I’d been hired, but then doubt settled in. A dear and wise friend counseled me and said, “When you’ve let go in your heart and feel God’s release from your current ministry, He’ll reveal the next step.” My heart was in a tug-of-war. That night, I laid it down. And you know what? The next day, the principal called offering me the job to teach online students across Alabama.

Friends, the hallelujahs don’t stop there. And it’s not only because of what God has done. It’s because of Who He is. Our God loves. He is love. Our God listens. Our God responds.

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing today, may You feel His presence and love. May you experience His mercy and surrender to His design for today. I’m cheering you on!