How to Do a Biblical Word Study


Sometimes I get curious. I’m sure you do too. When reading the Bible, I often come across a word that makes me want to go deeper.

What does the word mean? Why is it being used here? Where else is this word in the Bible?

As soon as I see other references to a particular word in the Bible, it becomes like a treasure hunt. I begin looking up other passages to see how the word is used and why.

Now, I know what you’re thinking and yes, I’m a major nerd. BUT….what I’ve learned as I’ve studied particular words is that our God continues to amaze me. Take for instance the word “fear”. In some contexts in the Bible, it can mean to be in awe of God or to revere Him. In other contexts, it speaks to someone being afraid and scared for one’s life.

How do I study a word in the Bible?

Any time, you open up God’s Word, pray and ask the Holy Spirit to direct you. Ask for wisdom and understanding. Seek Him first always. As you begin to search for the word you’re studying in the Bible, jot down all the references. Look up the definition of the word. I’ve come to use websites like and to continue my study of a particular word. On these sites, you can use the Lexicon giving you a word or phrase, its transliteration, its definition, its Strong’s Concordance number, and the origin of the word or phrase.

Below I typed in Psalm 23:1 on Bible Hub. After clicking the Lexicon tab, it brings up the verse and the information associated with it.


Now if you click on the Strong’s tab, it will also give you cross references for Psalm 23:1. It broadens the perspective and deepens my study of God’s Word.

Can you think of a word you’d like to study more? I’ve created an image of some that I’ve studied and would like to study more. May your study draw you closer to God and what He desires to teach you in it.

Father God, I pray that Your Word will not return void. I pray that as I study, Your Holy Spirit will guide me and give me wisdom to understand what You want me to learn. Grow in me a thirst for Your Word. In Jesus’s name, I pray. Amen.