A Time to Remember


During this season of Lent, God continues to whisper “remember” in my ear.

Remember Who I am. Remember what I can do. Remember my Son paid for it all. Remember I am listening. Remember I love you.

And then my thoughts take a different turn with the word “remember”.

Remember the words I gave to Isaiah about Jesus’ birth. Remember how the psalmist wrote of Jesus’ death. Remember what I showed John. Remember I’ve always had a plan.

Isaiah tells us of a baby to be born. This child will be known as “Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
Eternal Father, Prince of Peace”
(Isaiah 9:6, NASB). David foreshadows aspects of Jesus’ death on the cross in Psalm 22. John tells us in Revelation 19 that Jesus is also “called Faithful and True”.

As I remember who Jesus is and what He has done, I remember how He has forever changed me. I’m no longer the same. And He has even done new works in my life. Every day, I recognize my need for Him in my life. Jesus’ love for me continues to blow me away.

What comes to mind as you remember Jesus? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.



  1. Thank you for the reminder to take the time to remember. I keep a journal, and sometimes I like to write down all that I can remember that God has done for me. I haven’t done it in awhile. It is time.

    1. I’m the same way, Maree. I feel like when I have a place to trace God’s faithfulness I can look back at it again and again. Thank you for stopping by An Anchored Faith today.

  2. Jennifer’s story in the #TellHisStory link up reminded me of a doctor who put his career on the line to save my husband’s life. Which reminds me of how Jesus gave his life so that I would have a chance to make changes in my life and have a forever friendship with him!

  3. I love this song too and heard the backstory about it on KLOVE in the car today! #GodSpeaking today! Each day I remember how He has forever changed me and try to share and help others find their path to Him as well. Thanks for your inspiration today!

    1. I’ll have to check out the backstory on the song, Jill. Isn’t it incredible how God works?!?! So thankful you stopped by An Anchored Faith today.

  4. Remembering has such an impact doesn’t it? Remembering Jesus makes me smile and strengthens me to continue trusting and obeying- He is worthy, He is faithful, and He is good!!

  5. I love this song!! So much so that I’ve downloaded the acoustic and instrumental version. His name is beautiful, wonderful and powerful and remembering that makes all the difference. So glad to be your neighbor at #heartencouragement.